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Lalpari Cloves - Spice Cultural Relations between India and Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest clove exporter to India and Lalpari is the most preferred clove by Indians due to its strong aroma and taste, affordable price and many health benefits. One cultural element that emerged was the naming of Lalpari from the Indian community for cloves produced in the archipelago - Indonesia. Therefore, the Bincang Pasarempah held on late May 21, 2021 was devoted to discussing "Lalpari Cloves - Spice Cultural Relations between India and Indonesia".

In this interactive discussion, the Indonesian Consul General in Mumbai and the Chairman of the World Clove Council as representatives of Indian clove entrepreneurs/importers conveyed that there was a need for a unified view on how the parameters of lalpari cloves were in accordance with the market demand in India, which use them for processing food, beverages and medicines.

The Lalpari cloves in question have specific characteristics which include reddish brown color, directly picked by hand, a distinctive crown/pistil, drying without a fermentation process, containing oil levels above 18%, containing eugenol levels above 70% and growing in soil types that have high levels of perfect pH where these criterions are very suitable in the territory of Indonesia, based on the council findings from their purchase from Manado area, North Sulawesi.

Meanwhile, clove volunteer discussant who represent farmers argue that all types of cloves from the archipelago can be called Lalpari based on their processing method, including those that have a fermentation process, while admitting that cloves in Indonesia are mostly used for the kretek cigarette industry.

"Bincang Pasarempah is a routine discussion initiated by Negeri Rempah Foundation to uphold the cultural diplomatic relation through spices economy dynamics".

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