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Win Taste of Bali

Win Taste of Bali

A cozy restaurant with a mesmerizing tropical Bali atmosphere, perfect for your business luncheon, meetings, and hanging out with friends after work.

  • Experience Taste of Bali in Buckhead

    WIN - Taste of Bali is the culmination of Robert and Fify Manan’s deep love and admiration of their origin, Wonderful Indonesia. This shapes the concept of WIN, which showcases the truest forms of cuisine and culture from the most famous island of Indonesia.


    Our chefs elevate traditional Indonesian and Balinese cuisine into modern delicacies, ranging from our scrumptious Saté to our Signature Bali Baby Back Ribs, Flying Fish and world-famous Indonesian Rijsttafel (Rice Table) and Rendang.


    We have the perfect venue for your upcoming individual or group events.

    Bar seating, intimate and family tables, and a private room seating up to 24 guests.

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