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Pasarempah Menténg!

Mitra BUMDes Nusantara, Negeri Rempah Foundation, and Kopi Merah Putih, are proud to launch the first spice lodge, "Pasarempah Ménténg."

Located in the historical area of ​​Menteng, Central Jakarta, this lodge is easily accessible from all over the city and outside the city, via the Manggarai Intermodal Integrated Station.

In this spice lodge concept, the exhibitions, trade activities, discussions, tastings, and business classes related to the spice economy are held on an ongoing basis.

For 2022, a number of activities at the spice lodge Pasarempah Ménténg have been organized into two major frames:

1. Pasarempah Nusantara.

2. Collating Mosaics of Spices.

Both consist of various activities designed to alleviate the spice economy, targeting local and global market.

We are opening this Pasarempah Ménténg spice lodge starting from Saturday, January 29, 2022.

"Spice enthusiasts" can directly visit the location at:

"Pasarempah Menténg"

Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro - Latuharhary, No.84, Menteng - Central Jakarta.

"Spice Business" who want to join as participants can fill out the registration form, from the link as follows:

Registration for the participation of the spice business in Pasarempah Menténg is free of charge, and merely invites each participant to share the cost through a collaborative financing.

For more details, you can contact:

Tania, hp-WA +6282144329609

Chaedar, hp-WA +62817421543

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